What We Do


Our mission is to educate emerging leaders and decision-makers about the benefits of transitioning to environmentally responsible energy sources, through evidence-based resources, analytical tools, and public forums. 


The Energy Transition Institute will advance its mission by fostering evidence-based dialogue and analysis, specifically in pursuit of the following objectives:

  • Elevate new analysis and analytical resources to support ambitious low-carbon energy resource plans and policies; 

  • Activate a community of analysts and thought leaders committed to evidence-based measures to accelerate the energy transition; and

  • Educate emerging leaders on how the region can advance its clean energy economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Why It Matters

2020 represents a pivotal year for our region’s energy future, when all the major utilities will propose new resource plans to supply nearly 15 million consumers across the Carolinas. Those resource plans could speed our transition to clean energy – or maintain the status quo.

Our region has made remarkable progress, and what happens here matters. North Carolina has been the country’s second largest solar market and continues to set a standard across the Southeast, and South Carolina is quickly catching up.

We can build on this momentum, but we face tough obstacles. For all our progress, we still maintain more uneconomic coal than any U.S. region. Those coal plants impose billions of dollars in unnecessary costs on ratepayers, and their waste continues to pollute our air and water.

Left unchecked, our region may get locked into a fossil fuel-dominated future, favoring a mass build-out of  gas power plants and pipelines instead of zero-carbon resources.

Our efforts can make a difference. It’s essential that independent watchdog organizations have resources to provide a check on these resource plans, including access to experts, state-of-the-art analysis, and analytical tools.


The Energy Transition Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, incorporated in North Carolina.